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Family is where the heart is. I’ve worked with family and continue to play with family; they’re an integral part of who I am and aspire to become.

I capture those hard moments, families trying to come to terms with the ending of a life’s story. Be it hospice, the funeral, the home lived in - all can be bound into a beautiful book that includes how it all began - the life built from the bottom up.

I capture those that have been re-born with a new breath of life - through a new connection, be it finding that long lost mother, love that was once thought lost, or the birth of a child as it emerges from the grips of the womb into the arms of those that shudder with love and fear!

I capture those in the midst of their daily working lives while tending the farm, up to their necks in bills, down on their knees in prayer, holding hands with their wives, while wiping sweat off their brow with the other.

I capture hands holding hands, tears staining cheeks, suffocating laughter, and life being lived! I can be there for any occasion, holiday, or moment.

Contact me, for your special memory!

Also, please contact me at melinda@redmuddyboots.com if you would like to license any of my photography or commission me for work. I have been published in three volumes of the Capture Minnesota books, Have had images licensed by Western Bank of Saint Paul, Published in Twin Cities Television media brochures, various images purchased by Ridgeview Medical Center in Minnesota, and many other various awards.


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